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The Birthday Cake collection

Choose your size & choose your cake from the 4 options below
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5" $95 

6" $115

7" $170

serves 10 - 14

serves 15 - 20

serves 20 - 35

The Birthday Cake

3 layers of Vanilla Cake with a Birthday sprinkle buttercream in between each one. Pink or Chocolate drizzle with White Chocolate Ganache and Birthday Bark on top.


Cookies & Cream

2 Chocolate & 1 Vanilla Cake with Cookies & Cream Buttercream in between. Covered with a Chocolate Drizzle, Mini Oreos, Chocolate Shards and more!

Night at the movies

1 layer of Vanilla, 1 layer of Caramel & 1 layer of Chocolate Cake. With Caramel & Vanilla Swiss Buttercream in between. Covered with a Caramel Drizzle and toped off with Sweet Popcorn, Maltesers and Chocolate brownie bites

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Chocolate Rain    (GF)

3 Layers of our most decadent Chocolate cake with a Chocolate Swiss Buttercream & Chocolate Ganache centres. Drizzle with Chocolate & finished with Chocolate brownies, Chocolate Shards & Milk Chocolate Buttercream

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